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2020 RoboCats robot video
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Check out all of our previous robotics projects and what we did that season.



Charged Up

The 2023 FIRST competition was Charged Up.

Charged Up involves alliances working together to place blocks or cones on a grid in order to get 5 groups of 3 in a row. At the end of the game, alliances get points for balancing on a 'charging station' with points based on how many robots are in contact with the station and whether or not the station is docked. 



Infinite Recharge

Infinite Recharge is the futuristic city game of 2020. Like other years alliances must be formed to perform various tasks.


And so Luna was built by the team, designed to deposit balls into the shield generator, manipulate the shield generator and coded to complete an autonomous period. Unfortunately due to the unprecedented arrival of coronavirus, we could not compete at the South Pacific Regionals.

However, we'd like to take this time to congratulate Lauren O'Connor who won the Woodie Flowers Award for 2020!

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Power Up

The teams destination for 2018 was Power Up. The game involves two alliances of video game characters and their human operators trapped in an arcade game working to defeat the boss to escape. Robots collect power cubes and place them on plates to control switches or the scale.


Melbourne Robocats was fortunate enough to be awarded the imagery award at the South Pacific Regionals




The 2016 competition was FIRST Stronghold. 



FIRST Stronghold was completed by alliances competing against one another to breach their opponent’s defence and capture their tower. Teams score points by crossing elements of their opponent's outer works, scoring boulders in their opponent's tower goals, and surrounding and scaling their opponent's tower at the end of the match.


In 2016 the team had an influx of new members and so whilst RoboCats were not a rookie team, the South Pacific Regional in Sydney proved to be the excitement of the season.


The girls  received the TechDiversity Award in the Education category. We want to say a huge congratulations to Milorad Cerovac who won the Woodie Flowers Award for 2016!



Infinite Recharge

Continuing on from the previous theme of Infinite Recharge from 2020 the team went to compete at the Southern Cross Regionals in Sydney for a two-day tournament. 

The girls were fortunate enough to place 6th in the qualifications and place second with their alliance. An amazing outcome that reflects the commitment and dedication of the Melbourne Robocats.



Deep Space

2019's FIRST destination was Deep Space with teams all around the world competing in alliances to immerse themself deeper into STEM. Hatch panels and cargo pods must be placed on the rocket and cargo ship before the next sandstorm. And towards the end of the match, robots return to their habitats and climb aboard in preparation for liftoff. Valentina our 2019 robot was named after the first women in space. 

The team's focus in 2019 was safety, which was reflected in our results when we placed equal 2nd in the Safety Award. The Robocats were Alliance Captain's for the eighth alliance with Natasha Fisher leading us into finals. 




The game Steamworks delves into an era in which technology relies on steam power to operate machines with alliances preparing their airships for a long-distance race. Robots manipulate fuel cells to fill up tanks so that they can make the long journey. They also deliver gears to human players standing on their alliance's airship. In the last 30 seconds of the game, robots climb aboard their airship before take-off via ropes. 


After qualifying matches the team placed 24th and was chosen to be on the alliance with the top two ranked teams for the finals. After a stressful semifinal match the girls had a perfect grand-final game and won with a score of 308-260 qualifying them for the World Championships in Houston, Texas.


The team had an incredible experience going to the World Champions and meeting teams and people from across the world to join in a like minded experience.We want to congratulate Therese Keane who won the Woodie Flowers Award for the 2017 South Pacific Regionals. 



Recycle Rush

Recycle Rush involves alliances competing simultaneously to score points by stacking totes and recycling containers on scoring platforms and properly disposing of litter. Robots move game pieces from the landfill zone to the scoring platforms and collect litter from human players. 


2015 was the teams first year competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition, an exciting moment for the entire team.  To help draw young women into STEAM and further their education. Melbourne Robocats received the Judges’ Award for innovation in robot design. Our mentor Milorad Cerovac received the Volunteer of the Year award for all the incredible work he has done for FIRST.

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