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Our Workshops

Throughout the year, we have begun running a collection of workshops that anyone can attend. With all of them free and run at Monash Tech School, the girls get a small insight into different parts of STEM. We welcome any girls from the ages of 12-18 with wonderful mentors who run the workshops and are happy to assist those who have no prior experience.

Upcoming Workshop

Currently, there are no upcoming workshops.

Previous Workshops


Arduino and Soldering

In June, girls made their way over to Monash Tech School for a fully booked workshop; they spent 3 hours learning how to program Arduinos and solder their circuits. The girls were guided by amazing mentors where they were able to take their circuit board home at the end of the day. 

Workshop PCB 4.JPG

PCB Design 

Although online, this October the girls were taught by sponsors from Ford who zoomed in to talk to the group of girls about PBC. The girls were guided through the PBC workshop with amazing mentors. 


DIY Keyboard

In October, the girls had the opportunity to solder, assemble and program their very own mini-keyboard. Many of the girls programmed their keyboards to play different games.

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